New relationship

Back in April my ex left me for a his current gf, with the last thing him texting me or saying being I love you and we’ll talk soon, we never did and I eventually found out about his new gf a week after we were together five years and lived together so as you can imagine that hurt mad. So I met my current bf on a app two weeks after we texted for two months before meeting and we get along like a house on fire etc .. I have genuine feeling for him and enjoy being around him we’ve been together in a relationship for two months now but I still find myself checking up on my ex, never reaching out! I’ve almost slipped up and called him my ex’s name bare in mind I genuinely like my bf. Getting closure from my ex isn’t a option nor is reaching out to him as this is something I had asked for when he messaged me when he wasn’t sure if he wanted the relationship. I don’t want my bf to feel like a rebound because that’s not what he is and that’s why I have myself two months of texting to find my head, is this normal to feel like this and for anyone else whose been in the situation how and what do you do to forget the ex 🤦‍♀️