Alcoholic boyfriend, what to do?

I’m very early on in my pregnancy (just about ten weeks) and I’m happy about it and my boyfriend says he is aswell. I just came back from a vacation ten days ago and he has been drinking every day since I got back. One or two beers a day I wouldn’t care about as much but he’s drinking so much. He’s been having a drinking problem for years but I’m only now realising how bad it is. He says he drinks because it’s the only way to cope with living and every time I bring up his problem he starts talking about him wanting to die. Yesterday I made him sleep on the couch after coming home drunk as I need my sleep and don’t want to lie next to a snoring burping man-baby who’s rolling around a lot.

Now with the baby coming I’m simply telling him he has to quit drinking or I will leave as I don’t want my child to grow up in such an environment. He’s never laid a hand on me but the way he talks to me is stressful and making me feel smaller and smaller. He says he will change but I’m not convinced. “Relax I have a plan!” he says with a beer in hand.

I’m financially not able to move to my own place even though I feel it would perhaps be for the best. Does anyone have any tips on how to approach him to make him understand instead of always responding with anger and being defensive ? Should I talk to his mother? His best friend? I’m so stressed out and don’t know what to do. Any helpful advice or just a viritual hug would be very appreciated.