Anyone else have an over bearing family?

If my child cries even the slightest bit...whether from being tired, or if she fell and scraped her knee, etc...everyone runs over to her trying to “make it better” but it just causes so much more commotion and seems to upset her even more...and it prevents my husband and I from handling the situation the way we prefer to (calmly). If we say something to anyone...even something as simple as “can we just have a minute?” People get offended and upset...and frankly it’s not really fair to us as parents because we don’t get the proper chance to comfort or console our child without a whole circus act happening and having to worry about everyone else’s feelings getting hurt for silly reasons. We know it comes from a place of love and wanting to help, but it just makes it worse and when we speak up people get offended regardless of what/how we say things. Does anyone else have this issue? How do you handle it???