Do you forgive easily?

So normally in my life I hold grudges. When someone’s really hurt me I have all these walls up and almost have an F you attitude towards them. I’ve never been in a serious relationship and my last “boyfriend” was 10 years ago in high school. Well the guy I’m talking to now is very passive and he doesn’t like to fight or argue, so we don’t. Well I’ve noticed that I let a lot of things go. There have been few times when he’s gotten me annoyed and done something that hurts my feelings and I’m mad at him but then I’m actively trying to let it go. Yes when it’s big I tell him why I’m mad and what he did wrong and he tries to be cute. I don’t wanna fight I just want him to know that whatever it was hurt my feelings and hopefully he doesn’t do it anymore.

So my question is do you forgive and let the little things go or do you fight?