Before and after pics.. Also, advice please..?


So, have lost over 125lbs in a year then hit a plateau about 6 months ago, it sucks. I think it had something to do with my very fun, on my feet all day job closing and switching to a boring desk job (that I FINALLY left). I was just over 350 before, now 225. My current goal is to be below 200, and end around 135ish (fingers crossed).. I'm now upping my workout big time to break this plateau.

My question, I know my weight could have been a factor in not conceiving BUT I have known people above 400 who have multiple healthy children.. I was 140lbs when I conceived my son, 12 years ago (yeah, my baby is 11 now and taller than me.. life is unfair). I always wanted my children close in age, which clearly is not what happened. I did have the mirena in for the first 5 years, and once it was removed in 2013 I didn't bleed at all, it actually took just over 4 years (and a severe car accident) to get my cycle back.. I know it's incredibly rare but is it possible that the mirena made me infertile? We bought the YoSperm kit and tested my husband from home and it showed that his swimmers are perfect and in working order.. I'm going to be making a fertility apt next week. I actually had one a month ago, but I didn't want bad news so I chickened out and didn't go.. But this time I will be going in, I just wanted your thoughts first..