Odd point


So on the "in God we trust" post I see many bringing up the point of how it's on money. "don't spend it if you don't like it" etc. But in my head, I've never thought about it because I literally can't remember the last time I ever had cash or used it. I use only cards. So to me, I'm like "pffft whatever I don't carry cash anyways" šŸ™„

So for the sake of that particular argument, does that make you feel different about the saying or visual impact of the American dollar? Or not?

Do you feel that the slogan or other images of the American bill should be changed? If no, why? If yes, why?

UPDATE: For fun, what would you like your dollar to look like if you had the power to customize it?

Me. I think it would be a picture of Dwayne Johnson doing his signature eyebrow thing and the slogan saying "Can you smell what I'm cookin?!?"