If you got sentenced to life in prison w/o parole how would you spend that time?


As I wrapped up the final season of OITNB (which is inferior to Wentworth, in my opinion) I have to say... The 7th and final season was by far my favorite.. which inspired my question:

If you were sentenced to life in prison with out parole, for whatever reason, what would you do with that time and how would you you use it.

For example: if prison was anything like how they portrayed it on OITNB..

I'd probably spend a few years blaming everyone for how shitty life is... And then, I'd spend the rest of it.. trying to undo my wrongs and making peace with my new reality and try to make it better for everyone around me.. regardless of if I cared about them or not.. I'd want to work for a better environment for the people I'll live amongst for the rest of my life and fight my battles wisely.. and hopefully realize what battles are worth the fight and which ones aren't.

For me personally, considering my relationship with my husband, and my family and friends.. I can say, I know the people I'd fight to have stay in my life.. and those I'd let fall to the side... But it's taken me years and years to stop pointing the finger and accept the blames ive dished out to others for my own inner afflictions with myself.. it's taken me years to say (and actually mean it) to my husband: I'm sorry, I was wrong.. and that's someone I want to spend my life with.. so I think it'd take me a few years to get a grip and go with the flow for my new life and not try to be such a hard ass about everything.

I think, In good and nurturing environments, we as a whole could make the world a better place.. for everyone.. and those who spend their lives in anger, sorrow and pain might realize there's more to life than being down right miserable (and I'm not talking about people with depression, that is real and it isn't a joke) and maybe the hope and support they receive from the people around them might encourage them to try and do better for another person, who really needs it.

We are in a depression in this country or maybe even all over the world.. and that depression is spreading like the plague to each and everyone of us who would rather sit on the side lines and let their fellow neighbors get brought down right beside them.. our happy days have been focusing on our past days..with little hope for our futures.. and those that speak up and want to do something about it are pushed to the side, silenced, or deemed as "cry babies" but if there's anything I've learned this past year is that... We all deserve to find happiness in something, to be loved and to be given love, we all deserve to have a world we feel safe in.. and when the world is feeling a little scary we all deserve a place we feel safe in, we deserve equality.. even if that equality means the people who aren't doing right.. get to still benefit from it. We all make mistakes, wrong turns and sometimes even bad choices but being confined in a facility, with strict rules and boundaries shouldn't be the end of the road for equality.. it should be the stepping stone to reteach kindness, love, acceptance and accountability to help those who have lost their way somewhere along the line.. and because of how I think, I feel like if I were ever sent to prison for life... I'd spend that time trying to make shit... Just better.