my IUD came out


THE PHOTO IS MY IUD AFTER EXPULSION. If you don’t like gross things... this is kinda gross. there is a little blood, so fair warning.

hi guys. so I’ve had the IUD for about 2 months. i’ve been experiencing some unbelievable pain and cramps, as well as a super long and heavy period. makes sense, the doctor said all of that was normal. well...

this morning I woke up and I was in extreme pain. i wasn’t surprised, it’s normal to me now and i expect it on my period or sometimes just randomly. i went to the bathroom and pulled out my tampon, but something else was there after i pulled it out. i reached up to feel what it was and it was my IUD, with a large blood clot around it. first, i almost passed out because.... my IUD is in my hands. second, i’m wondering how the hell this even happened without me noticing anything. how did this bitch get through my cervix and completely out of my vagina???

has this happened to anyone else? if so, please tell me what you did after for some insight! :)