Just complaining

People seriously either do no understand or do not care how miserable pregnant women feel in the last couple of weeks, do they?!

I'm due next Thursday and we're having so much company this week 🤦‍♀️ the first round of company, I kinda did to myself. My brother in law needed to come to our house to pick some stuff up, but he was coming over dinner time. I felt rude not to offer him to stay for dinner, so I went ahead and invited his wife and little boy to come. They did, they came around 6 stayed until I think 9:30... But she helped me clean all the dishes and the kitchen - actually, she did most of the cleaning - so that wasn't too bad. But now four other people have invited themselves to my house this week and I'm like 1,000X's over it. The only reason I haven't said no is two of them are my brother in law's girlfriend that just moved here and her mom, so I feel like I have to be polite and make her feel welcome. And the other two are my bestfriend and her husband that I haven't seen in over a year, they're passing through on their way to visit her family. I want to see all these people, I just wish this was like, two weeks ago 😅 My baby has dropped super low and is putting lots of pressure "down there". And so when I get these never ending Braxton Hicks, it always feels like I'm going to lose complete control and pee ALL OVER myself. That's an awful feeling when you're sitting around trying to visit with people 😅😅😅

Anyway... Rant over. Just wanted to vent somewhere lol

*Also, not to mention, I was gone all day Monday running errands, had two doctors appointments, a business meeting, and grocery shopping to do, then ran home to get dinner ready for my brother in law and his family. Then yesterday I had to be up at 4am for work, had more errands to run all day, then had a family dinner to attend that I literally only had time to come home and change clothes then run back out the door, then had two errands to run after dinner as well, and didn't make it home until 10:30pm. I'm EXHAUSTED and my feet are swollen to the size of those giant unicorn floats at Costco. 😅 Ok. Now I'm done. I think 😅