he never cums!

what’s up y’all. so my boyfriend and i always have sex, but out of all the times we’ve had sex, he has never came. only i have. he started looking into it after we both talked about it and he said it might be because he masturbates a lot and that the internet says that delayed ejaculation can come from the fact that the sex partner can’t mimic how he masturbates which makes him cum (he was a virgin before me). i started looking into it last night and i found plenty of stuff including a medicine called buspirone and it matched everything he has that it helps with and it also had great reviews. trouble sleeping, fast heartbeat, delayed ejaculation and more. i told him about it and he said he already told me what he thinks it is which is the excessive masturbation and that he hates taking pills and all that. i never really mentioned it too much, not because i don’t care about him being able to cum how i do but because i would never want to make him feel weird or anything and he thought i didn’t care since i get off, but now that i’m doing research and finding good things and stuff, he doesn’t wanna try it and this isn’t just about him... what do u think?