Boyfriend and his ex gf


Hey guys, my boyfriend and his ex are still good friends and that alone puts me on edge, I'm okay with them seeing eachother but NOT alone. But she's just invited him somewhere just them two and I am not okay with that, not only is it the place I've always wanted to go but it's his ex and he's going with... I said If someone else goes then it'll be okayish I'll still be very on edge because of how close they are for ex's. I don't know how I should feel, I don't want to say no because it's his life but at the same time I'm not really okay with it. She brought the tickets for her and her bf but they broke up a while ago so she invited her ex (my bf) .What are your thoughts on this? Because I don't know how I should feel about this because I'm very unsure.


We broke up and they started dating!! 😂😠