Help understand OPKs and best time to BD

Emily • Baby boy born in April 2020 💙

The stick on the right is from yesterday and left is today. It may be hard to tell from the photo but the right (yesterday) is definitely darker than bottom (today).

I’ve been temping for 3 months now so I guess I expected my temp to rise today but it didn’t rise much (seems like the usual variance)... maybe I’ll see the rise tomorrow morning?

So my question is: if my OPK was positive yesterday, does that mean I ovulated yesterday or does it mean I’m ovulating today? Second question: hubby and I BD’d last night and the night before, but he says he probably has “no gas left in the tank” tonight 😂. If I am ovulating today would it still be a good idea to BD tomorrow night (we can’t in the morning because I work early)?

P.S. I have no idea what that randomly huge jump a few days ago was about? I think I might have had a fever because I felt really nauseous all day.