Is it bad if a guy is too sexually forward from the beginning?

So I matched w this guy on tinder, he's really cute imo. We get along really well from what I can tell (we've FaceTimed a few times, literally an hour at a time) and we have plans to go out together. He's 23 and I'm 20. All would be well except for the fact that sometimes he's too sexually forward and it makes me feel weird- like he'll send me obvious crotch snaps when he's naked in bed (like can't actually see anything but it's obvious what he's getting at), talk about sexual things he wants to do with me, etc. He talks about taking me on actual dates and a potential relationship so I'm not getting the vibe that he's just all about the sex. All else aside we have really great convos. Obviously I'd have sex with him if we were dating bc I find him attractive but too much too soon is just a turn off to me. I've pretty much expressed to him that too much of that talk this early is weird to me, so I guess I'll have to see if he lays off. But is this a bad sign regardless?