Pregnant after miscarriage in June!

mommabear_0721 • 💙💗👼🏼💙

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost the last year. We finally found out in June that we were expecting. Unfortunately, June 17th, our baby was miscarried, and gained his or her wings in heaven.

After this, my husband and I went back and forth on so we really want a 3rd, decided we were going to stop “trying” and just let God do his thing.

Around (guesstimate) 8 DPO, I was super nauseous, my boobs were swollen and hurt, I woke up with what seemed like a cold, so I decided to test - negative - top test pictured below. I knew we were still super early, so I waited 48 hours until (guesstimate) 10 DPO, and tested again - VVVFL - bottom test below. I started shaking and just couldn’t believe it. WHAT?!

In June when we had our miscarriage, my OB told me to call the day I got a positive, even if it was faint, so I called and let them know we got our positive, and they sent me in immediately for a beta HCG test.

Fast-forward to today, I woke up, and took a 2nd pregnancy test, and the LINE GOT DARKER! I anxiously awaited the call from my OB today, and they called me first thing this morning with the news that my blood was positive for pregnancy! They are starting me on progesterone (which I have never taken, so hopefully it helps!), and I will have a repeat blood test done Monday (8/12/19) to confirm my levels are rising.

♥️ Prayers are appreciated on this journey for us, our 2 children, and our final blessing 🌈 baby.

Also, if you ladies have ever miscarried, then gotten pregnant and been prescribed progesterone, let me know your experiences, as I know nothing about it.

Baby dust to you all! 🤞🏼