Coldsore ?

Bri • Married and mother to babygirl💓

So maybe it’s just my anxiety , but i wanna know how likely it is . So my mother in law and sister both have coldsores rn. My daughter is 1 and has been around them . My sister in law makes sure she doesn’t kiss the baby on the lips as it is, mother in law on the other hand i always have to remind . Well she hasn’t done it since she’s had the cold sore but she does get close to her face so saliva I’m worried about . I make sure i wash her hands with hand santizwr to prevent it . My sister in law hasn’t been kissing her but she’s been close to her too. My daughter almost touched it but i pulled her away and washed her hands immediately. My daughter did kiss her, but on the cheek on the side the coldsore isn’t . She also took a couple fries out of the bag of fries i was eating i hope i can’t get it that way ? What would the changes of me and my daughter getting a coldsore be? I’ve gone my whole life without getting one and i really don’t want my daughter to get one so I’m nervous