Should a Cancer survivor have kids?

This post is very difficult for me. I am going to stay anonymous for the same reason.

I am 29 y.o female, single and turning 30 in 2 months.

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 28. I finished intense chemotherapy a more than year back and so far the results have been good. As of now according to my reports and my doctor I am completely fine (I obviously need to have regular checkups)

My family has been extremely supportive throughout. Now they're talking about my marriage (arranged marriage is very common in my country) meaning they want to find a suitable guy for me and want me to get married. My sisters talk about my marriage and having kids very casually (we try and not about my illness much it's just better to forget that part and have fun when we meet)

But in my heart I feel very worried about the thought of having kids. Infact I have decided to tell any guy i meet for the prospect of marriage that there is a chance i will choose to not have kids. I do want to get married and get settled down with a nice guy. And I have always always always loved kids and babies a lotttt.

But now after my illness I feel very paranoid like what if in future my kids get some sort of cancer? What if my DNA or Genes are bad quality and they're prone to cancer more than others? Is it wrong to have kids if you've had cancer in the past?

Or is it ok to have kids?

Will I be selfish if i have kids in future?

Please help!

P. S. Since I was young and unmarried without any kids, during my chemotherapy they gave an injection due to which i didnt get my periods for 9 months.. They said it was to protect my ovaries from harmful chemo drugs. And my oncologist says i can have normal kids and i shouldn't be worried about all this.

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