40 Weeks 5 Day.


Am at the hospital at the moment for induction. Hopefully tomorrow my baby will arrive. I was having contractions but after the gel, everything stopped. I and baby got so tired. Even during the monitoring she was sleeping and the nurse had to give me ice cubes and shake my belly to wake her up. Am praying everything goes well tomorrow.. am having anxiety thinking about the pain I will go through tomorrow just to deliver my precious angel.


At around 9pm yesterday I started having contractions . Midwife gave me pain relief but nothing worked. At 2am I beg her to come and check me and to give anything so that I can sleep and she accept to check. Later I was told that am still 1cm. I was confused because my contractions come every 3 to 4 mins. So at 5AM I felt a little pop and ran to the toilet. It happened to be my water broke. At 6am I was send to the delivery room. Midwife gave me mask for the pain and no Iv because they think am still 2 cm. At 7:30am she checked me and I was already 7cm opened which I was shocked. Midwife told me to change position to help my baby drop fast. At 8:00 am I was feeling like to push. 8:12 I told them that I want to push and the student told me to wait for the midwife which I said No way am waiting and the crazy part is that I was still wearing pad and disposable panties. I delivered my baby inside my pant with just 2 push.

I was so shock how it didn't take long unlike my previous 2 kids.