I posted on her the other day about needing to be induced due to low amniotic fluid. I came into hospital yesterday at 4, and was monitored for 4 hours due to baby being super active! Got induced at 8pm and was already 1cm with a soft cervix! I kept waking up throughout the night with contractions, and by 9:25am this morning I was 3cm!

Went for a bath straight after, and came out at 10:45 due to extreme contractions, and I was told I was 5cm. Got to the labour ward by 11:30 and had my boy at 12:08 this afternoon!

Went from 5-10cm in 38 minutes! No time for an epidural just gas and air!😳 baby boy was born weighting 8lbs 4.5oz!

The idea of an induction terrified me, but 16 hours after my initial induction and only needing the 24 hour pessary he was born! It all happened so fast!!