For anyone wanting to try Sneakpeek Gender..

I couldnt wait for our blood test at our drs office next month so i purchased the SneakPeek test. I didnt fast track the order, but the whole process took about a week. I did the test tuesday and got the results today, Friday. Ours came back as baby boy! I know decreasing contamination is a huge part of it! I work in an operating room so i used sterile technique and scrubbed my hands like i was going into surgery and performed the test in a sterile field at work so there was zero risk of contamination. Im hoping our next blood test via our doctors office confirms its a boy as well! But were over the moon!

For anyone wanting to take the test at home, id recommend clipping your nails short, bleaching an area where youll be doing the test, and showering with a solution like the antispetic cleanser called Hibiclens, and washing your hands with it once again before the test. good luck to you all!