Need validation, tell me I’m right for leaving

Kasey • Cat-loving communist mom of 2 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

For starters, my fiancé has autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, just a freaking mess of mental illnesses and it makes it hard for him to do normal things like go to work, care for the kids, etc. He sees a psychiatrist and takes meds but we can’t afford a therapist for him. He keeps trying new meds, has gone to the hospital multiple times for psychiatric reasons, he keeps trying to make himself more “normal” so at the least he can provide for his family but it’s been 2 years and we’re getting nowhere.

I’ve had to be lenient with his actions because he’s autistic. He has meltdowns that lead to him saying a lot of things he regrets after and doing stupid things. Recently it was driving my car two hours out because he was convinced I was cheating (I wasn’t) and he ended up getting arrested for DUI. He wasn’t on any drugs, but we determined with his psychiatrist that his medication had sent him into a state of psychosis that made it look like he was on drugs. And he’d admitted to the cops he’d taken to Adderall pills (prescribed, and not at the same time, he just didn’t know any better so he didn’t clarify that).

Now, he walked out because I was absolutely fucking pissed because he left for work at 7:45 and came back here at 9 because he forgot something and he never even went in to work! He was fucking driving my screwed up car around and would now be late over 2 hours to a job he just got yesterday! We are so fucking poor it’s not even funny because we can’t be stable.

So now he’s pissed at me and the fact is I am out of energy with dealing with his mental health for two years and getting nowhere. He loves me, he loves our kids, but he keeps doing stupid shit that fucks up our lives. My mom is currently paying half of our stuff because I had to quit my job because he walked out when he was supposed to watch our kids.

Should I really just leave? Is there anything else we can do for him? He’s a good guy who really loves his family but his meltdowns and mood swings makes it impossible for him to stay stable and I just can’t trust him with simple things like taking my car without using all the gas we don’t have money for.