Courtnie • 28. Happily married. I'm a mom of Angel baby boy👼, a rainbow baby girl🌈, and my surprise pot of gold baby boy 🍀

I'm frustrated and annoyed. I wasted YEARS on a friendship that meant nothing to either one of us apparently. It was way too easy to cut them off. Absolutely not worth it. I was tricked manipulated and lied to.

Another friendship in limbo and I just wish we could get on with the makeup or break up. I'm pushing 9 months pregnant. I know I have bigger fish to fry.

The majority of this situation has been a blessing in disguise, but a good portion hurts. I shouldnt have to be the only person to reach out and apologize. I was hurt to. I have every right to be angry like her but she doesnt see that. My integrity and loyalty and honesty has been questioned so many times in the past 3 days .I'm by no means perfect, but my history and actions show what kind of person I am.

I will never let anyone make me feel the way these people have made me feel over the past few days ever again.

Now to enjoy life, make smart decisions friendship wise , get ready for this baby and move on!