Caught him sneaking pics

Last night I was chatting with my man. I turned my back to prep something on the counter and continued talking, but all of a sudden he stopped mid-sentence, was quiet for a sec and then said, “mmmm, look at that sexy butt!” My shirt had ridden up a little, and I was only wearing panties on the bottom. I giggled and thanked him. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and NOT feeling sexy. When I turned around, he was quickly putting his phone down, trying to put it away before I saw. That lovely rascal was taking pictures of me! We both laughed, and I jokingly gave him a hard time. Then I led him to bed where we had some great sex. I’m so thankful that he still finds me attractive, and nights like these help me through my insecure moments as my body changes. Cheers to the other pregnant women out there still having hot encounters!