Friends bf cheating.

So to start this off, he's 29 she's 24. He loses his mind on her if she texts him one too many times. He broke up with her last weekend and told her to go play in traffic because she asked him to go to a family BBQ at her house for HER BIRTHDAY instead of to his friends to drink.

Today she texts me saying she was using his phone to Google restaurants because they are in the states and his FB messenger was open and it was him talking and flirting with a girl / planning a hangout. Not innocent. Talking about how hot she is etc.

So I told her she puts up with too much of his shit and deserves better and this isn't the first time and it won't be the last.

She confronted him and he told her she's moody cause she's on her period and won't talk about it.

Was I wrong for telling her she deserves better and should not be with someone who treats her like shit ?.

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