This girl I been friends with since high school is having her gender reveal party tomorrow and she originally asked me to plan it for her along with her sister. This was two months ago that she had asked me, of course I said yes.. well, a week or two ago, I asked her about it because I never heard anything about it. And she said she was having someone else help her host it because she wants me to find out when she finds out. I didn’t think much of it. Later on, she sends me a text saying because of the girls she had already invited, she didn’t know if I would want to come. Which irritates me because I was originally suppose to be hosting it, than I was basically last to being invited. And hurts my feelings bc she thinks I wouldn’t come to HER party bc of who SHE invited. I told her I would come to her party no matter what. Bc being there for her is more important to me than anything. We been though so much.. so today I had texted her asking if I should bring anything, aka.. food. And she said “are you coming?” And I told her countless times that I was coming! And I said “yea. Me and Kev” and her reply was “Are you sure bc i already put all the people on the list n you were the only one that told me day after” I had said that a list shouldn’t matter.. bc I’m her “best friend” that I was coming, and originally said that I was 100% coming. Should I even go tomorrow?

EDIT: so I went to the gender reveal party, and I believe I over thought a lot. She talked with me. We caught up, and had a good time. But the only think I thought was weird was that her boyfriend wasn’t there? And she said that she doesn’t want him to know the gender. I never questioned anything about it. But what do you guys think?