So am I allowed to be upset?

So last night I wanted to dress sexy for my fiancé at 12 am for his birthday. I will say it didn’t go as planned at all.

More talking then anything. He didnt tell me I looked good or anything. I felt a little awkward considering I’ve never done anything like this. He was confused when I sat on his lap he was expecting a lap dance but I didn’t know how to do a lap dance and but I kinda tried. And this morning I tried to have sex again. (We haven’t done anything all month and he kind of never like does things for me when I’m turned on and when he finally did one time The other night he fell asleep while rubbing me down there so I stopped him and said let’s go to bed. But when Im on my period and he’s turned on I still please him when he’s turned on) anyway but He in a way Ignored it I told him I was going to try something but he had gotten his pants on when he got up to use the bathroom and when he got back he just laid back down in them so I couldn’t do what I was gonna do and all he said was I’m sorry. Later on today I kind of tried again I stuck my hand down his pants but he didn’t say anything so I removed it. He said his arms were still sore from last night.

It’s kind of like when I’m turned on it doesnt matter. Like sometimes I feel like maybe he only thinks of himself.

I love him I really do and he treats me right but when it comes to sex it’s frustrating