Found out I was pregnant right before going to Mexico - Zika test

2 days before traveling I took a home pregnancy test and all 3 showed positive. Background story my daughter was through

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so I was shocked to even see a positive. I couldn’t go to the doctor bc it was the weekend and we were travelling on the Monday. I did a blood test this week waiting on the results. I had an US today and measuring at 8 weeks 4 days. I wanted to make sure that this was a true pregnancy bc I still can’t believe we conceived naturally. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a Zika blood test bc now I’m concerned. I also had sex with my husband while on vacation now I’m not sure if he should be tested. He did his business in me thinking well u can’t get pregnant twice but I forgot about how men can transmit. Anyone went away and did the test while they were pregnant early on ?

Last year when I was pregnant we went to Arizona for our baby moon and didn’t risk it but I think it all happened so fast and we were like we need to confirm w a blood test if this is real or what if I had a chemical pregnancy or what if there’s no heart beat. So many thoughts went through my head bc it just seems impossible what we went through to now just get pregnant just like that.