Overreacting or not?

Please do not be horrible or horrible comments

I’ve been with my partner 10 years, we don’t live together as we get on better when we have days apart also. Recently my boyfriend has shaved his whole private parts, he has NEVER done this before and never strikes me as the type to shaves. For months I’ve had a gut feeling that he’s cheated on me, the shave happened a few weeks ago.

I’ve completely trusted him throughout all the years and I’ve never Cheated and never would. I’ve asked him and he denies it. I’d rather be told then lied to.

My question is if he’s shaved his parts could it mean he’s cheating? I’ve heard so many stories on this before. I can’t sleep or anything as my mind is racing about him cheating. Usually gut feelings are right. I’d be devastated 😭😭

Thanks for reading.