I need emotional support right now

So me and my boyfriend just broke up well he broke up with me because of two stupid bitches saying I was talking mad shit about him and I was like wtf because I never even said that bs like even before that he had summer school this other bitch started saying I wasn’t even loyal like he thought because I supposedly would be talking to 3 dudes in my sixth period class like first of all bitch that was you I was always fucking quiet and respecting my fucking relationship and she got me pissed to the point I told her to run the fade and bitch told my boyfriend and he told me to leave it alone

But either was today again it happened and he said he believed me but he wanted a break and I didn’t fuck with that shit and my petty ass said break up with me then cause I don’t fuck with “breaks” and he deadass said okay we are done and blocked me and I’m over here crying in the shower and trying to cheer myself up and I just can’t because I loved him and still am in love with him and now I just wanna fight those stupid bitches

I don’t wanna feel pain but it hurts