Possible PCOS

I've been TTC for almost a year and am in the diagnosis stages. Ultrasound today the signs point to possible PCOS. Not officially until bloodwork comes back.

How did others process this news? I'm struggling. I'm angry with myself for not going down this route earlier, because even before TTC I had this gut feeling of something being off.

I just turned 31, I know someone younger than me with PCOS who's had no luck for years. I know everyone is different and treatments are out there, I know it's still possible.

Logically, I know not to do this and I know there's hope, I'm just struggling so badly in spite of that.

Any advice on how to navigate it all.. things that really truly WORKED for you, is so appreciated.

I'm new to the diagnosis stage. It's so overwhelming. I've ached for kids even long before TTC, I don't have a back up plan in life... I don't have a ton of money for expensive treatments... I'm just feeling so lost.