I need advice

I have been with my husband 10 year I truly love him we have had problems mainly because of him, he is lazy doesn’t mind leaving in clutter and a dirty home because he never helps I have to be after him like a child, we both work full time jobs it’s hard to do everything myself and also is not fair. He is very sweet and supportive I get nobody is perfect so I have been hanging in there all this years. So recently I caught him in some lies, can’t go into detail because I’m embarrassed, we are doing couples counseling but I’m considering a divorce but I’m trying counseling I guess just to say I tried it all 😔 I am devastated I never thought I would come to this we have been wanting to have a baby for years my cancer got in the way 4 years ago so we have been waiting, thank god I’m cancer free now. but now i want a divorce and i don’t have a baby! I been obsessed to be a mother I have been buying baby cloths for years and looking into YouTube videos about motherhood.

So now you know a little bit about my story my question

What are your thoughts, he said he still wants to have a baby with my he understands I want a divorce but he wants me to be the mother , and i was also considering asking him to give me a baby to full fill my dream, I’m already 30 and don’t want to wait to meet someone else to have one what if I never get with anybody else, I rather have a baby with him that i loved

He said he would help me raise the baby and give me child support....

Thank you for taking the time to read this