I was diagnosed with PTC aka Thyroid Cancer last month. I’m getting surgery at the end of the month because it’s spreading. I’m scared of going into surgery, being put under, having a scar on my throat. I also barely started letting people know what’s going on. My husband, his parents and my parents were the first to know. Now that it’s been a month I feel more comfortable letting close family and friends know that i have Cancer.

I know everyone has a different experience so I’m apprehensive with what to really expect after surgery.

I’m in gods hands. Not once have I thought or said why me. From the beginning I have thought If this is just something you are testing me with bring it on I know that I walk with you by my side. I know that you hear me, see me and protect me.

I pray to you and I believe that everything will be ok because I have my lord and the love and support of my family and friends.