I’m ovulating and he’s away 😭


I’ve been ttc for 17 months now. I recently got referred to a fertility clinic and they sent me for an HSG test. I’ve been reading that a lot of woman conceive right after they have the test done even when they’ve had unexplained infertility. I’m sooo annoyed because I am ovulating right now and my husband is away for work! He’s not back until September 15th!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’m being setback so much!!! Ugh! If only I could have frozen his sperm before he left so this wasn’t a wasted month!! Does anyone else feel like time stands still when your ttc and that every month your not pregnant it’s complete devastation?! I can’t help but not spiral out of control the moment I get my period. It’s so hard!!!!!! At least when my husband is home and I get my period I can fathom the fact that it just didn’t work for whatever reason that month but now that that he’s gone for the whole month it just feels like I’m wasting my life away when I should be trying!