I did it!


I finally had the courage to call the cops on my boyfriend and go to a emergency housing! Ever since I got pregnant my boyfriend had become very violent towards me, I don’t know why but somewhere along the line he stop having respect for me. He was verbally abusing me everyday for no reason at all and I kept blaming that on him being bipolar. It went from verbal abuse to just straight up physical abuse. He wouldn’t stop hitting me ever until he saw blood. After every incident he would immediately cry and tell me that he loved me. I’m only 18, I just got out of foster care so I moved in with him and his dad, I really didn’t have anyone, I sadly still don’t, I feel like that contributed to the way he treated me. He knew I didn’t have anyone else, he knew he was all I had. After many failed attempts with the police ( I always ended up forgiving him and dropping the charges) I finally decided to call them again and leave the residence ( even if that meant I would be homeless with a baby on the way) I’ve been beaten, spat on, and put down for too long, I still do not know what I do to deserve being treated that way by someone who sworn up and down consistently that they loved me. I just wanted a family I never had for my baby so it sucks so bad that this is what it’s being brought into, I will try my hardest but I just feel like I won’t be enough 😭