I dont know how to go on


Yay another sad post.

The love of my life left me because I got upset about little things and it pissed him off. I promised to work on it over and over and I did but because I still got upset about stuff that didn't matter to him he lost trust in me. And because of an abusive ex boyfriend I wasnt public about our relationship and he friend asked me if I was single and if he could flirt with me. Well all I read was single and I said yes to it. So he left me. And he kicked me out. I lived with him for almost a year and we have been together for over a year. He was helping me with my depression and anxiety and I just got diagnosed with lupus. He help me so much and I told him how much I appreciated him and love him but I guess just me getting upset made him hate me. He said he's been unhappy but hasn't said anything. He said he loves me and this hurts told me to pack my shit and get out. I have no where to go. I love him I cant even breathe. He kicked me out at 1am. He said I could stay the night but I had to leave. I dont rhink I'll ever be okay again. And no I am not a teenager I am 21. So still young but we were planning on moving out of state in a year we have savings all set up and we have been looking at houses. I dont know how I can do anything without him. I cant breathe I had no where to go, I ended up going to 2ork and crying my eyes out to them. I just want him back. why did i have to fuck up. Please babe nick come back I love you