Self Destructive

My husband and I are going through a divorce, he’s leaving me, he left for another woman who spreads horrible lies about me especially around the times where me and him plan to do anything together with the kids so he’ll have a reason to cancel, I am so weak when it comes to him and willing to do anything to keep him in my life that recently I lied and told him I did all the stuff she’s accusing me of even though I have alibis for each situation where there’s no way I could have been there and he still wasn’t happy, this weekend we were suppose to take the kids to zoo and last night he called and said she said I stole her children’s birth certificates and socials and that if I didn’t return them by sunrise I’d never see him again and I told him she just took them herself and I can’t return something I don’t have, mind you I have only seen this womsn twice I couldbf pick her face out in a crowd and I do not even know where she lives, he said I’m the only suspect and I told him what about one of her four baby daddy’s? We were together ten years and I always had to prove my worth, it’s gettin to where I’m going insane because I should have been let him go but I’m so terrified of getting out there and he’s all I ever known so I’ve tried to keep him close but that’s stupid and I know it is and I’m about to go crazy