Losing my mind


Every night I go to bed hopeful, then I wake up disappointed.... by the end of the day I’m more at peace with it. And repeat.

I know I’m only 2 days past my due date.... but I’ve been told that she’d come early for WEEKS because “second babies come sooner.” So it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I’m 3CM & 80% effaced at 0 station.... tons of false labor.

I also am still thankful for this experience & that we have our health. But I can’t help but feel sad too. To see that date we’d been talking about for months come & go!

And don’t ask an overdue mom when she’s going to have her baby. 😑 I can assure you I’m more anxious about this than you are. We also have family in town from far away so it’s just adding to the feels.

Rant over lol