Do One-dayers Get Paychecks ??!😂

Long (kinda) story short but I applied somewhere, got the job and had my first day yesterday from 4pm-midnight. I was told by one of the people during my orientation that I should make schedule changes with the manager we’ll call butters but he left that morning and I didn’t know. I’m in school also and there were days that I worked until midnight, which I know with the school-year, would be difficult. Since butters left I had to talk to the other manager we’ll call scissors. When I asked to talk about schedule change she was basically having an attitude saying that if I told them the times I wasn’t available and it happens to be midnight that I get off some days then there’s nothing I can do about it. Scissors was basically saying I should suck it up or quit.

Side note:

After my shift at midnight I was supposed to talk to scissors about quitting since the times conflict with school but I didn’t get the chance to. Honestly done with that place BUT I have a shift today that I didn’t go to so what do I do about quitting? Should I call or just go in even tho I missed my shift but I don’t want to face anyone’s wrath.

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