Referred to neuro dr with a 1 star rating. Help

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So my dr suggested I see a neurologist for the headaches I’ve been getting. I got a call back very quick and they said they can see me for Monday(called yesterday Friday” so I said yes and booked in then decided to search up the dr so I can feel more comfortable and to get an address.

So I couldn’t find her at all until I noticed the name on their caller I’d is missing a letter. So when I realized it was a missing letter the dr pops up first search and all her ratings are 1 star. There’s 8 reviews and I’m kind of scared now because one tells you to look her up on college of physicians which shows she’s done only a 1 year neurological fellowship ( I thought it was 4 although page claims it may not show full history) and others talk about how rude and rushy she is. I’m wondering what I should do since my appointment is 10am in Toronto (an hour and a bit away) on Monday and my family dr is closed all weekend. I really don’t want to be charged for missing a specialist appointment if I can avoid it. Screen shots of the reviews I’ve seen so far