Help please!

🌹 • 👧🏻👧🏻-#3 👶🏽💙 Born 8/29/19 @ 33+4

My 14 year old plans to be in the room when baby is born (her choice!) Does anyone know of a decent video I can show her to prepare her that is

A. Not too graphic - she won’t be right up in my vagina but somewhere off to the side so she doesn’t need to see EXACTLY what happens down there right now

B. Natural delivery - no pain meds, vaginal delivery

C. Outside of a hospital setting - I’m giving birth at a birth center which is more like a bedroom, she’s not a fan of hospitals being that she’s been in and out of them her entire childhood so I don’t really want a video of a hospital birth to give her anxiety and scare her

Thanks in advance!