Baby...are we ready...? *warning long read*


So tomorrow is my husband and l’s one year wedding anniversary 🥰!! As of this October it’ll be 7 years total that we have been together. He wants a baby and so do I but we are not in the financial position to do so. Currently we live with his mom and his brother (we all are very close and more like best friends rather than roommates). I work a full time job and he is a substitute teacher just trying to figure out how to become a full fledged teacher. He has his bachelors degree and an incredible work ethic (he gets upset because he feels like he can’t provide for me). I have never once tried to make him feel bad because I only ever wanted what was best for him so I worked full time while he was in college so he could focus on only school and graduate sooner, he took 6 classes at a time per semester was in two honor societies and made deans list multiple times plus he graduated magnum cum lade!!! Needless to say I’m so incredibly proud of him!! We just recently all relocated to Kentucky from Florida (I grew up in Tennessee he was raised in Florida) we met in high school in Tennessee after his family moved there to have a change of scenery. We dated for only 3 month before his parents got divorced and his mom wanted to move back to Florida. My family never treated me right to begin with so at 19 I had nothing to loose and I followed my heart. Obviously that worked out in my favor 💞 but anyway we both want a baby but cannot afford one at this time we knew we wanted to be married for at least a year before we started a family. Don’t get me wrong we love living with his mom and brother but I definitely don’t think it’d be fair to them to crowd them out like that. His mom is the mom I never had and she is also my best friend, heck she was my maid of honor!! I know she would be over the moon but she has lupus and when she gets stressed it really takes a toll on her. His older brother has ulcerative colitis so same with him (his older brother wants to become a teacher just like my husband and they are on this frustrating journey together) anyway I guess the sum of my story is what would you do in my situation? As of right now I pay my car payment, our phone bill, and the car insurance, I hardly have anything left over after that and getting groceries and little things like that. I know he is working hard at trying to find employment but it’s been hard. My mother in law pays most of the utilities with her disability income (I feel guilty about that) we have had a hard few years with many deaths in the family including my mother in law’s fiancé of 3 years ( she actually gave my husband her ring to give to me to propose). Sorry for the long post but I just need third party opinions 🤷‍♀️ and I know age is a question.. i will be 26 next month and my husband is already 26... so I know we aren’t babies but sometimes we still don’t feel all that grown up 😅

This is a pic of all of us my mother in law in the purple my husband next to her me then my brother in law 💕💞❤️💜💙🥰