Marshall Shawn

Haleigh • Marshall - due 08/17 💙💙💙

At 37 weeks and 5 days I went for my normal appointment and found out my bp was 170/108. I was immediately sent to the ER to be monitored. My be continuously stayed high the entire time so my Dr decided to go ahead and induce me. My water was broke about 7:30 on August 1 and I was started on pitocin around 9. I was at 1 cm at this time. Contractions started soon after the pitocin was started and by 1 am on August 2nd I was in pretty bad pain and asked for iv meds. They started the iv and I was at 4 cm at around 1 am. They started my epidural soon after and at 3:30 am we were told I was at 10 and we would start pushing. None of my family was there justvmy husband and myself as my doctor really thought I'd labor at least until early afternoon. At 4 am on 8/2 we started pushing and pushed off and on until about 8:30. At that time I was wore out and I wasnt making any more progress so we decided to use the vacuum to assist. (Didnt work well due to how much hair he had) we were on the last push before we were to be taken back to csection since I just couldn't get him out. At that point I freaked out and out he came on that last push. He weighed 7lbs 14 oz at 37 weeks 5 days and he is absolutely perfect. Only lost 5 oz and was back to birth weight at a week old. We did have a longer stay due to my bp and his jaundice levels.