Idk what to do anymore

Thinking about getting an abortion.. I’m 14 weeks and 5 days today. Me and my boyfriend just aren’t working out. I already have one child that’s 9 months. I’m so far behind on bills and now I owe taxes back. He says if I get rid of the baby he’s leaving. Which I really don’t care anymore. He doesn’t do anything for the baby. I do everything. And he has two other kids he much rather be with than ours. And i hate it soo much! I honestly just don’t think it’s the right time or if I want to have another child with him. It’s basically a one way relationship. I have no say in anything... ever. I’m always getting yelled at about stuff and he’s constantly bringing up my past. I don’t deserve any of the shit I’m being put through! I’m so depressed, unhappy and stressed out.