Does my very untraditional wedding sound dumb?

So I honestly don’t want to have a wedding for a few reasons. I am a shy person so I hate being the center of attention. If we did a wedding I feel like there will be drama amongst some of our guest. My husband best friend and my best friend are ex’s, but it’s actually more complicated then that. They are in new relationships but they have cheated with each other and their new partners found out so it will be a big problem to have them all together at a wedding especially since he would be my husbands best man and she would be my maid of honor. But that is not the reason I don’t want to do a wedding. So my wedding is not going to be traditional we are going to sign papers at the courthouse. But that just isn’t enough for me I want to wear a beautiful elegant wedding dress and have beautiful wedding photos. So we are still going to have that, I will still get the dress of my dreams and we will take wedding photos and hire a wedding photographer to take our photos in nature. We will also write vows but we will privately share them with each other on our luxurious honeymoon that we can afford because we didn’t have a huge wedding. I know it’s not traditional and might sound silly but do you think these wedding plans are dumb?