pregnant and he’s in minnesota..


As of 2 days ago i find out i’m expecting, exciting right? till realization sinks in and it’s my “exes” baby who he conveniently cheated on me while we were seeing each other...and then told me to leave him alone that he’s not interested in me and never will be, as he’s now blocked me on literally everything possible, including my friends bc they’re associated with me, he’s back in minnesota for college. oh did i mention that he already has a 5m/o with his ex? So as i proceed to tell my friends and they all tell me that i need to tell him, well no shit. but how? my friend wants to tell him so i let her text him off her phone, he opened the text and then blocked her before she could send a picture of the test. Personally think it’s because he “thinks i want him back” or whatever, his ex didn’t tell him till after her first trimester so she couldn’t get an abortion bc she did want him back, that’s not the case with me. So i decide to talk to his friend that he told me not to talk to, he says “lemme guess you’re pregnant?”. I’m still not completely sure on what to do, i have messaged him from one of those rando ig accounts, yes that’s me, i know i’m not the only one who makes those to stalk people. Since i don’t want him back in my life at all, should i proceed with baby and say “fuck him” and not give a shit whether he knows about his other child or not. Or should i keep being an annoying ass bitch trying to reach out to him to tell him “hey i’m pregnant with your kid, you fucked up, yet again.”

(Whether he knows or not, i’m keeping the baby and he is not going on the birth certificate. He’d just have 2 baby mamas that can’t stand him, so i don’t want him involved)