Should I renew my vows in 3/4 years story added below


So I got married June 15,2019 we had hired our "friend" as our "wedding planner/photographer" because she has experience in it as we thought anyways. Well anyways she made my husband's and I's wedding a mess and a disaster yes i am still pissed off 2 months later as I have every right to be she didn't even care to help us decorate the night before my husband and all the wedding party had to do it along with our parents witch is fine then I was able to have things my way but when it came to the wedding she didn't get a lot of pictures of the wedding she was supposed to be at my house taking pictures of me getting ready while my sister in laws husband was at the best mansion house taking pics of them well that didn't happen because she was a no show still cleaning up the reception hall 2 hours before my wedding was supposed to start! So at that point I'm stressed out wanting to cry because nothing was going right my whole morning. Then my ceremony was a mess she didn't get any pictures of me walking down the aisle then the ceremony lasted less then 20 mins... because the wedding planner was bossing the minister around and messed him all up... then she didn't get really any pics after the ceremony this Is my fault for trusting her so my question is should I renew my vows

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