Baby girl wants out.

Micah • Expected my second blessing 09/17 She arrived 09/01 👶🏽💕

I woke up at 2am from strong BH that turned into contractions I figured I could handled them soon enough it’ll stop and I could go back to sleep, nope. They lasted for over an hour 3-5 mins apart so intense I started to cry. I had my boyfriend call L&D and the on call doctor told me to come in. I was monitored for over 5hrs with contractions being picked up, I went from 1cm 50% effaced to 2cm 70% effaced in 3 hrs (not really enough progress to be admitted) so they ended up sending me home. I’m 36w 1d doc says I should expect baby in the next 3 days- week if I keep contracting how I was. Ohhhhh and not to mention it’s my Birthday LOL baby is trying to take over the day! 😆😃😬😬