Pack and Play versus crib

Jennifer • 💗👶🏻October 9, 2019💗 || 💙👶🏻Baby boy due July 2021💙

My husband and I are building a house and we thought it would be ready when our baby girl is about 3 months old. We had planned to wait until we moved to get the baby’s crib and just have her sleep in the bassinet in our room until then. Well, our house is taking a bit longer than expected so we now need to consider other sleeping options for when she is too big for the bassinet. We have a pack and play, but I’m a FTM so I have no idea if that is suitable or safe for overnight sleep. The internet seems to have mixed information. Is it okay to have her sleep in the pack and play every night or should we get a crib?

This is the pack and play we have: