Dissolvable Stitches?


I got all four of my wisdom teeth out Friday 8/16/19. They were impacted if that matters concerning this.

Today at work 8/21/19 I had to load heavy tires onto a truck and I tasted a little bit of blood. I spit into a tissue and didn’t see anything so I figured it was fine. I felt some pressure but not a whole lot of pain. Then I noticed the stitches were coming undone. They’re dissolvable stitches so it’s probably fine I was just wondering if it was too soon for them to be coming out. They’re not dissolving, it’s kind of just hanging there like a loose string. I have a follow up with the surgeon this Friday that he said I could cancel if I didn’t have any issues and since I really can’t miss anymore work I’d like to cancel it. I’m also an extremely paranoid person who’s never had any surgery at all before so this might be completely normal.😂