turned into a completely different kitten

Seriously the most sweet and loving little kitten I know.

This sweet girl has been on 5 different medications for over 10 days and has turned into a completely different kitten. If you didn’t see my post in fur babies I rescued recently and I wish I could show more of her. She had a lot of things wrong and the most difficult thing has been the ring worm. It’s been a pain in the ass, her hair grew back and then fell out again when the ring worm scabbed over and fell off, now it’s growing back again. She’s still a completely different kitten though. she still looks rough I know. We’ve just gotten a little more aggressive with treatment, eventually she’ll be a fully fledged orange fluff ball.

If anyone cares for an update.

She’s the sweetest baby ever, she plays non stop and loves her toys. I still can’t let her out of the cage and let her roam around my house because the ringworm will be contagious for 3 weeks to me and my other pets and that’s with aggressive treatment. She does get to go outside though and get some energy out because she actually has a normal kitten amount of energy now. She freaking HATES ear drops, more than she hates baths but we don’t have to do that everyday. So she loves me mostly until I get those out. 😆And finally, no more wheezing and coughing. Got rid of that crud with some amoxicillin.

Hopefully at one point people will stop looking at me weird when I walk into a vet with her. People look at her like “yikes.” And stare at me 😬 the outer appearance doesn’t say much, but it’s been rewarding to see her go from a very depressed and balding little creature to one who’s constantly wanting to play