Help! With schedule

Me son started kindergarten today and had to wake up early 7am. I knew this would be a challenge for him since he was use to waking up at 9:30 to 10:00am for afternoon pre school. Anyway, I made sure he was asleep by 8pm last night. In the morning he didn’t have a hard time but was visibly tired. As expected when I picked him up he was very cranky. I let him play outside of school for an hour and had him take a nap (witch he hasn’t done since he was 2) from 2:30 to 4pm Woke him up, took him outside again and didn’t come home till 6:30. I bathed him and massage him and had him in bed by 8pm again. I pretend to sleep in his room to get him to fall asleep but it’s 10pm now and he still hasn’t fallen asleep 😭 not up but just laying down for 2 hours tossing and turning. tomorrow is going to be another rough day (he got very very cranky, he threw a very big tantrum today) and I just don’t know how to have a perfect schedule. Someone help